Preparing for Separation – 3 Matters to Consider

Posted on: 9 October 2018


Failing to prepare adequately for a divorce (relationship dissolution) often increases costs to both parties, time inconvenience, emotional distress, personal conflict and mental stress. When couples live together for a long time, their lives become intertwined, and this is why it is a bit challenging to get separated or divorced particularly when they have children, and valuable assets have been accumulated during the marriage. 

To prepare for a separation and divorce, you must hire qualified divorce lawyers. The experts will help you understand family law and how the legal process is undertaken. You should also conduct your own research on everything you need to know. Make sure you examine the legal advice your family lawyer will provide and ignore the advice you get from family and friends – they are not professional lawyers.

Top three practical matters you must consider

1. Children

One of the essential considerations for people who are divorcing or separating is the needs of their children. This can include the kids you conceived jointly or those you got from previous relationships. The most important thing is to make sure the children are protected from the ill feelings that will be generated by the divorce and separation. As parents, you must put aside your personal differences since kids depend on both parents for emotional and physical security. Moreover, courts tend to be harsh on parents who value their interest over of those of their kids.

2. Separation and living arrangements

Everyone, including the kids and other dependents, must prepare for divorce and separation by considering who will live with whom and where. The variations are unlimited – a family can choose to live together even if the parents are not a couple or everyone can live on their own once visiting arrangements are made. Where kids and pets are involved, the minimum accommodation standards must be set to ensure that the kids live in a healthy environment. Note that before the divorce decree is made, couples must have separated (not living together like married people) for at least 12 months.

3. Documents

A lot in life depends on availability and the accuracy of documents. If you are preparing for a separation and divorce, at least one party must have a complete portfolio of the required documents. Once the separating decision is made, the documentation belonging to the family must be collected and stored in one place. These documents may include a marriage certificate, will, driver's licenses, change of name papers, medical cards, residence title, any investment properties, copies of a prenuptial agreement or other personal identification documents.