• What Should You Do If You've Been Diagnosed with Silicosis?

    Did you know that the Australian government has set up a task force to investigate the risks associated with 'occupational dust?' This group will study the problem, particularly regarding the dangers of silicosis and how the engineered stone industry may need to make changes. Yet, you may have already been affected by exposure to occupational dust in such an environment and may already be exhibiting some symptoms. Is there anything you can do to make a claim in this situation?
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  • What You Should Do If Your Parent's Will Is Being Contested

    If your parent has recently passed away, and if they left behind a will when they passed, you might think that handling the next steps will be pretty simple and straightforward. Now, though, your parent's will might have been contested by someone else, such as an ex-spouse or one of your siblings. If this has happened, then you could be wondering what you can and should do next. These are the top things that you should know and do if you've found yourself dealing with this.
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