An Overview of Services Offered by Criminal Law Attorneys

Posted on: 28 March 2018


Criminal law is one of the most complex areas of Australian law. It's complex in its original structure, and it tends to change regularly in accordance with the political and local climate. Some changes to the current laws may reduce the rights that people have when they are suspected of committing a crime. Therefore, criminal law attorneys play an important role in ensuring that your rights are adequately protected under the law and that you clearly understand what steps you should take if you're suspected of committing a crime. Critical services offered by criminal lawyers include the following.

Drug offences

The laws for drug offences vary significantly from one state to another. They can also change very frequently within the state in response to any surges in drug offences that may have occurred.

If you're suspected of a drug trafficking crime, it can be complicated to know what the law stipulates. Criminal law attorneys play a critical role in informing you what you can expect if convicted of drug trafficking. They can also help you mount a successful defense if the suspicion is unfounded.

Drug offences vary with how much of the substance you were caught in possession of, and whether or not you had intent for trafficking/sale. Establishing sale intent can be tricky and is an area where criminal law attorneys can help you in drawing a legal distinction.

Sexual offences

Sexual assault and other types of sexual offenses can vary considerably. They can include many different parties and cover a wide period of time. If you're charged with a sexual offense, it can be challenging to know what the legal ramifications are and what you should do in response.

Criminal law attorneys have the experience and legal expertise to provide appropriate advice and to help you mount a defense if necessary.

Murder and assault

Any charge of murder or assault is undoubtedly a very serious offense. It's normally essential for those who are charged with such crimes to have legal representation in court. Criminal law attorneys can explain the legal ramifications of a potential conviction or help you prepare a defense in cases of mistaken identity or otherwise.

These attorneys can provide appropriate advice for both capital offenses and lesser degree offenses such as assault.

Dishonesty offences

Dishonesty offenses include anything from shoplifting to document forgery. If you're charged with a dishonesty offense, it can come with a lot of embarrassment and damage to your public image. Criminal defense attorneys can help clear up these charges and advise you on the stipulations of the law.