Construction Worksites: Getting Your Compensation after Back Injuries

Posted on: 28 November 2017


Back injuries are not uncommon in construction worksites. Numerous workers sustain this type of damage when bending, lifting or working in inappropriate environments. In some cases, the backaches which develop are severe while in other situations, only light pain is experienced. Regardless of the severity of the injury, it is essential to obtain your workers' compensation. The funds will cover medical treatment and your lost wages during recovery. Here are some tips to ensure that you receive your compensation after lodging your claim:

Consider the Claim Time Limits

You should claim compensation when you sustain the back injury or after the discovery of a back problem related to your work. One of the common issues which arise during the processing of a compensation claim is the time constraints. If you exceed the timeline within which you can lodge an application, the possibility of success will be low, and your claim could be considered invalid. You should check the limit imposed on your area when submitting the claim application. Ideally, you should perform this task as soon as possible. If you could not present your claim within the given due unavoidable circumstances, you should seek legal counsel. 

Seek Medical Treatment

Numerous construction workers do not seek medical treatment for some light back injuries because they believe that the pain will eventually fade. This practice can be dangerous. The light injury might have caused some internal damage which will escalate over time. Failure to seek treatment could compromise the functionality of the back. Also, you should note that your claim will not be considered valid without a physician's examination and report. If you present a compensation application without a medical certificate, the insurer and your construction employer will not process the claim. It will be considered invalid. When you consult your doctor, you should provide as many details as you can during the consultation. The information could be helpful in the future if a problem concerning your claim arises. 

Avoid Investigation Complications

As a construction employee, you are entitled to worker's compensation after sustaining back injury. However, accountability is critical to prevent illicit claims. For this reason, an investigator might ask some questions and request for a statement. Often, it seems like a good idea to speak with the investigator. However, it can complicate your case unnecessarily and interfere with your claim. Therefore, you should remember that you are not under obligation to provide a statement. If you must speak to the investigator, you should consult compensation lawyers first.